Sending raw transaction

  1. Specify the gas price and gas limit
  2. Set the txOptions and (for bsc) custom chain info
  3. Create the transaction object
  4. Convert the private key to buffer array
  5. Sign the transaction with the private key
  6. Serialize the transaction to become raw transaction
  7. Send the raw transaction using web3 sendSignedTransaction
// sending a raw transaction
let gasPrice = web3.utils.toHex(web3.utils.toWei(‘100’, ‘gwei’))
var gasLimit = 21000

var txOptions = {
“nonce”: web3.utils.toHex(txCount),
“from”: senderAddr,
“to”: payeeAddr,
“gasPrice”: gasPrice,
“gasLimit”: web3.utils.toHex(gasLimit),
“data”: hexData,

const customCommon = Common.forCustomChain(‘mainnet’, {
name: ‘bnb’,
networkId: 56,
chainId: 56
}, ‘petersburg’)

const tx = new Transaction(txOptions, {common: customCommon})
const privateKey = pk

// convert the private key to buffer array
const privateKeyBuff = new Buffer(
// example private key without the 0x

const serializedTrans = tx.serialize()
const raw = ‘0x’ + serializedTrans.toString(‘hex’)

const txHash = await web3.eth.sendSignedTransaction(raw)
console.log('txHash:', txHash)
// end of sending a raw transaction





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