Hands-on with Automotive Linux

mkdir aglinuxrepo init -b icefish -u https://gerrit.automotivelinux.org/gerrit/AGL/AGL-reporepo sync
source meta-agl/scripts/aglsetup.sh -m qemux86-64 agl-demo agl-netbootbitbake agl-image-bootbitbake virtual/kernel
source meta-agl/scripts/aglsetup.sh -m raspberrypi4 agl-demo agl-appfw-smackbitbake agl-image-boot
  • XDS Client: (xds-cli or XDS Dashboard).
  • XDS Agent: (xds-agent) running on your development host.
  • XDS Server: (xds-server) running on a remote server and/or in a container
# before running xds-cli, make sure xds-server and xds-agent are up
systemctl --user status xds-server
systemctl --user status xds-agent
xds-cli sdks ls -a # show all sdk
xds-cli sdks install <ID>
xds-cli sdks ls # show installed sdk
cd $HOME/xds-workspace
git clone --recursive https://github.com/iotbzh/helloworld-native-application.git
xds-cli prj add --label="Project_helloworld-native-application" --type=pm --path=$HOME/xds-workspace/helloworld-native-application --server-path=$HOME/xds-workspace/helloworld-native-applicationxds-cli prj ls   # determine the ID of the project
export TARGET_ADDRESS=<target_adress>

# Go into your project directory and create a build directory
cd $HOME/xds-workspace/helloworld-native-application
mkdir build
xds-cli exec --id=<proj_id> --sdkid=<sdk_id> -- "export RSYNC_TARGET=root@${TARGET_ADDRESS} ; export RSYNC_PREFIX=/opt ; cd build && cmake .."for --id=<proj_id>, can use "-id xx" as a shorthand
xds-cli exec --id=<proj_id> --sdkid=<sdk_id> -- "cd build && make widget"
  1. Download or build the image you are going to run on the hardware device.
  2. Download or build the Software Development Kit (SDK) you use to create your application.
  3. Create bootable media using your image.
  4. Boot your hardware device with the media.
  5. Prepare your environment so that you can develop an application. You can develop the application using XDS or using a stand-alone SDK.
  6. Create your application.
  7. Deploy the application to your hardware.
  8. Debug the application.



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