A Technical Analysis of PancakeSwap

pancakeswap github repo
struct PoolInfo {  IBEP20 lpToken; // Address of LP token contract.  uint256 allocPoint; // How many allocation points assigned to this pool. CAKEs to distribute per block.  uint256 lastRewardBlock; // Last block number that CAKEs distribution occurs.  uint256 accCakePerShare; // Accumulated CAKEs per share, times 1e12. See below.}PoolInfo[] public poolInfo;
src/config/abi/                    //contracts abi
src/config/constants/contracts.ts //masterChef sousChef contract address
src/config/constants/tokens.ts //tokens contract address
src/config/constants/pools.ts //pools contract address
src/hooks/useContract.ts       //get contract instance
src/hooks/useAuth.ts //login, logout callback
src/hooks/useCallWithGasPrice.ts // call when click Enable Pool button, called by useVaultApprove
src/hooks/useSwapCallback.ts // get callback to execute swap
src/components/menu/config.ts    //the menu list
src/components/menu/index.tsx //uses pancakeswap uikit
src/App.tsx    //contains the routes
src/index.tsx //call MulticallUpdater to load data from contract
src/state/multicall/updater.tsx  //dispatch multicall result to redux store, MulticallUpdater(), fetchChunk(), call multicall contract
src/state/pools/index.ts //fetchCakeVaultPublicData(), call fetchPublicVaultData()
src/state/pools/hooks.ts //state.pools.data , useFetchCakeVault() , calls dispatch(fetchCakeVaultPublicData())
src/state/pools/fetchVaultPublic.ts //fetchPublicVaultData(), call multicall function
src/views/Home/components/Hero.tsx      //home page
src/views/Pools/components/PoolsTable //pools page
src/views/Pools/index.tsx //call useFetchCakeVault()
src/views/Pools/components/PoolsTable/ActionPanel/Stake.tsx //Enable Pool button, call handleVaultApprove or handlePoolApprove, or call VaultStakeModal
src/views/Pools/hooks/useApprove.tsx //useVaultApprove, called when you click Enable Pool button in AutoCake
src/views/Pools/hooks/useStakePool.ts //useStakePool, called when clicking stake button, call deposit method of sousChef contract
src/views/Pools/components/CakeVaultCard/VaultStakeModal.tsx // VaultStakeModel, called when clicking stake button, handleDeposit, call deposit method of cakeVault contract
src/views/Pools/components/PoolCard/Modals/StakeModal.tsx // call useStakePool
src/utils/contractHelpers.ts   //get new contract instance
src/utils/addressHelpers.ts //get contract address
src/utils/multicall.ts //define multicall function, call Multicall contract
src/views/AddLiquidity/index.tsx   //call router addLiquidityETH or addLiquidity
src/utils/index.ts     //getRouterContract, uses abi of uniswap IUniswapV2Router02ABI
//define useSwapCallback, which is a callback to execute swap. It calls getRouterContract to get IUniswapV2Router02 address. It then calls pancake-swap-sdk Router.swapCallParameters to get IUniswapV2Router02 method of swapExactETHForTokens to perform swapping
‘swapExactTokensForTokensSupportingFeeOnTransferTokens’ or  ‘swapExactTokensForTokens’
PCS source code
PCS v2 router address
PancakeRouter.sol, removeLiquidity method
PancakePair.sol, burn method
// pancake-swap-core, PancakePair.sol
bool feeOn;
address feeTo = IPancakeFactory(factory).feeTo();
feeOn = feeTo != address(0);
// pancake-swap-core, PancakePair.sol
if (feeOn) {
if (_kLast != 0) {
uint rootK = Math.sqrt(uint(_reserve0).mul(_reserve1));
uint rootKLast = Math.sqrt(_kLast);
if (rootK > rootKLast) { uint numerator = totalSupply.mul(rootK.sub(rootKLast));
uint denominator = rootK.mul(3).add(rootKLast);
uint liquidity = numerator / denominator;
if (liquidity > 0) _mint(feeTo, liquidity);
function getAmountOut(uint amountIn, uint reserveIn, uint reserveOut) internal pure returns (uint amountOut) {
require(amountIn > 0, ‘PancakeLibrary: INSUFFICIENT_INPUT_AMOUNT’);
require(reserveIn > 0 && reserveOut > 0, ‘PancakeLibrary: INSUFFICIENT_LIQUIDITY’);
uint amountInWithFee = amountIn.mul(998);
uint numerator = amountInWithFee.mul(reserveOut);
uint denominator = reserveIn.mul(1000).add(amountInWithFee);
amountOut = numerator / denominator;





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