Bulk Minting NFT

In this article, i will describe solidity smart contract and nodeJS app to perform bulk minting of NFT. The discussion is applicable to Ethereum compatible blockchain.

Referring to the diagram below:

The mintManyNFT function is part of the solidity smart contract. It takes as input array of…

Today i will briefly describe the concept of OAuth2.0 and OpenID. OAuth2.0 is an implementation of delegated authorization. When client wants to access a piece of data resource, the resource owner does not make the decision. Instead, the authorization decision is delegated to a third party authorization server.

The screenshots…

This article documents the process of integrating gitlab CI with terraform. The purpose is so that any change in terraform files (.tf files) will trigger gitlab CI pipeline to provision the cloud infrastructure. The problems encountered along the way are also documented at the end of this article.

Step one…

In this article, we dissect the ReactJS code to send a raw transaction on Ethereum blockchain or Binance smart chain. The web3 library is used to send the raw transaction.

  1. Specify the gas price and gas limit
  2. Set the txOptions and (for bsc) custom chain info
  3. Create the transaction object

When i was developing Ethereum React Native wallet app, i use web3 to transfer tokens from sender to receiver. I keep getting this error:

“Returned error: unknown account”

The root cause is the wallet account created from ethereumjs-wallet is not recognised by web3.

The solution is to link ethereumjs-wallet account…

In this article, we will discuss the code details in using ethereumjs-wallet to create a wallet account with seed phrase and using the seed phrase to recover the wallet account. The example is developed using React Native.

Part 1:

Firstly, to generate a wallet account, it is required to create…

Terraform does infrastructure as code. It can work with AWS, GCP, Azure, etc. This article will discuss using terraform to setup a private cloud with bastion host on Google cloud platform (GCP), and mention the problems faced along the way. The private cloud architecture is shown as the figure below…

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