In this article, we dissect the ReactJS code to send a raw transaction on Ethereum blockchain or Binance smart chain. The web3 library is used to send the raw transaction.

  1. Specify the gas price and gas limit
  2. Set the txOptions and (for bsc) custom chain info
  3. Create the transaction object

When i was developing Ethereum React Native wallet app, i use web3 to transfer tokens from sender to receiver. I keep getting this error:

The root cause is the wallet account created from ethereumjs-wallet is not recognised by web3.

The solution is to link ethereumjs-wallet account to web3.

After that, you can use the ERC20 transfer method to send tokens from sender to receiver.


The below code of adding to wallet will not work because it is not adding the complete account object.

Alright. Hope it helps.

In this article, we will discuss the code details in using ethereumjs-wallet to create a wallet account with seed phrase and using the seed phrase to recover the wallet account. The example is developed using React Native.

Part 1:

Firstly, to generate a wallet account, it is required to create…

Terraform does infrastructure as code. It can work with AWS, GCP, Azure, etc. This article will discuss using terraform to setup a private cloud with bastion host on Google cloud platform (GCP), and mention the problems faced along the way. The private cloud architecture is shown as the figure below…

In this article, i describe a simple way to create de-centralised Index Fund using solidity smart contracts on Ethereum blockchain.

The core ideas are we use smart contracts to manage a pool of assets, as well as to function as price oracles. There is a UI which communicates to the…

In this article, we will architect and code a micro-service based centralised crypto exchange. The key services of a centralised crypto exchange are trade engine, wallet management, KYC, external API, and UI. The diagram below illustrates the architecture of centralised crypto exchange.

crypto exchange architecture

The focus of this article will be on…

In this article, i describe the ways to create a prototype of de-centralised crypto exchange using Ethereum blockchain, solidity (smart contracts), nodeJS (backend) and ReactJS (frontend).

In this prototype of de-centralised crypto exchange (DEX), there will be a token contract and a swap contract. The token contract is used to…

Here is a non technical article on NFT which serves as an introduction to the NFT topic.
NFT properties

  • Each token is unique
  • Cannot be replaced
  • Cannot be subdivided

For example, a plane ticket is unique — it specifies a specific seat, on a particular flight, at a specific time.

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